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Our Story

how it all started

During my time at home, I was using some expensive candles labelled soy “natural” candles, thinking I was paying for quality natural candles but getting terrible migraines instead. So I began my research into candle ingredients and quickly discovered that some ‘natural’ candles contained toxins that have links to migraines, and other additives that I couldn’t quite believe were still being used. 


I started looking for an alternative, 100% natural option to help with migraines, which led me to develop natural candles that have grown into our brand, Nourish the Soul. Nourish The Soul have now developed an extensive range of new and intoxicating products using pure and natural essential oils, that are so much more than just fragrance.  

Our fragrances contain essential oil blends that may enhance your health and well-being, your mood, and the ambience of your space without putting the quality of the air around you and your loved ones at risk. 


I have poured my heart and soul into curating a collection that is 100% pure and natural which has indeed been rewarding and helpful in my journey with chronic pain. 

Our commitment to using all-natural and non-toxic products is at the core of our brand.  


Our Customers

I recently bought a candle from Nourish the Soul and I could not believe how beautiful and how long the candle lasts.  

The fragrance was soft and burned clean making the entire house smell lovely.  

Being pregnant at the time it made me feel very relaxed and helped me sleep. 

I have recommended your candles to all my friends and will be continuing to purchase from you

Leanne Brokman 

I am completely in love with my Nourish The Soul candles! My absolute favourite aroma is Heaven Scent. 

 I can't get enough of this one and burn it everyday while I wind down before bed. I swear the first whiff sweeps me off my feet. They look gorgeous in my home salon... and in every other room, lol. I've had loads of compliments from my own customers because of the candles I burn. They help to set the mood and make my salon look gorgeous. Thank you for using essential oils instead of fragrance. The difference in quality between the 2 is immeasurable.  The quality in these candles does not go unnoticed. Even the wax is divine... it looks like silk! I'm a huge fan of the whole range and will definitely be ordering these online for Xmas presents, feeling good that I'm buying from an Australian business. Yes!! 5 Stars all the way! 

Tania Kozak

Using Natural Ingredients Ensure Our Products are Free of: 

Chemicals  or Toxins

Synthetic or artificial fragrances 




Palm oil  



Animal products 

Using Only Natural Fragances

Fragrances are the most complex ingredients in a candle. Fragrances are composed of natural, naturally derived, and synthetic ingredients. Nourish The Soul only uses natural fragrances that are also phthalate-free. In addition, all fragrances used by Nourish the Soul follows the code of practices set by the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), ensuring all fragrances are safe for consumers.  

Natural Fragrances 

Nourish The Soul sources premium quality, pure essential oils from ethical and responsible sources.  

Blending essential oils with similar or complementary properties can be used for an intended olfactory impact and potential therapeutic benefits. 

When certain essential oils are blended, they can enhance the effect of the individual essential oils, creating a powerful synergy. 

Our fragrances aren’t just fragrances but synergies best used depending on the time of day or the desired effect and mood. Among the countless benefits of essential oils used in aromatherapy, as the most appealing attributes, they can create a calming atmosphere, lift spirits, promote feelings of peace, and balance emotions and moods. 

Essential Oils, Blends and Synergies

  • We have strong business policies for Environmental Sustainability, so all the natural and raw ingredients used in our range of candles must be from the same suppliers for consistency. Also, we ensure our supplier’s environmental policies align with ours. These strong policies on environmental sustainability start with the farmers and filter up the supply chain to the premium end product and you, the customer. 

  • We demand transparency from our suppliers. All our essential oils are of guaranteed natural origin, and a significant number of them are also certified organic. We can back up our label claims with substantiated supply-chain evidence, and our quality management systems enable us to provide complete traceability for every batch of our essential oils. 

  • To uphold our ethical sourcing and commitment to environmental sustainability. Whether we have produced the product in-house or have sourced the product, we ensure our products are manufactured safely for employees, customers and the environment.  

  • To provide our customers with recyclable and reusable products to help reduce environmental pollution. 

  • Both individually and as a business, use ethically sourced and sustainable products wherever possible to preserve and minimize any impact on our delicately balanced ecosystem. 

  • Nourish The Soul continuously review our use of materials and continue to look for ways to present even more environmentally friendly innovative solutions. 

  • We focus on using recyclable and biodegradable products while also using sustainable resources. For example, biodegradable products can be composted and turned into soil while conventional plastics take hundreds of years to break down.  


Nourish The Soul are proud to use the services of SENDLE - Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service, Australia’s first technology B Corp, and now the first courier in Australia to trial 100% biodegradable, compostable satchels. In addition, they calculate the carbon footprint of every shipment and purchase offsets from invaluable environmental projects worldwide. 


  • Our aspiration is for our customers to enjoy the benefits of our uniquely handcrafted creations by utilizing the knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oil synergies to: 
    - Ease stress, mild anxiety, and insomnia, 
    - Aid focus and clarity  
    - Provide an uplifting, refreshing mood. 
    - Experience a rejuvenating, relaxing, balanced, and tranquil environment. 
    - Feel a renewed sense of peace, tranquillity, romance and calm.  

  • Our customers can experience higher vibrational energy using crystals, improved air quality with Himalayan salt lamps and essential oil synergies to assist happy, healthy living. We remain dedicated to supporting and nourishing your mind and body, health, and well-being with a holistic approach. 

  • To develop and supply an exciting and ever-changing selection of premium quality, all-natural candles, diffusers, crystals, and Himalayan salt lamps that enable our customers to pursue a holistic and more toxin-free lifestyle. 

  • Inspire ongoing creativity within our business in designing exciting new collections for our customers to enjoy that also follow our strict environmental values. 

  • Continue researching and testing new essential oil synergies to add to our collection. In addition, we keep our customers up to date with any new fragrances and special collections across our product range throughout the year.  

  • To maintain contact with our customers from when Nourish the Soul receives an order through to delivery. 


  • Supplying products that address our customers need for healthy, toxin-free, alternative products. 

  • Continue to develop professional and stylish products while sourcing and supporting Australian made and manufacturing businesses.  

  • Supply premium quality essential oil fragrances to support our customers’ requirements. 

  • Ensure our customers receive reliable and consistent customer service. 

  • Offer our customers a creative and personalized shopping experience. 

  • To capture the imagination and needs of the market. 

  • Reduce our environmental impact. 


  • Our commitment is to our customers and stockists. We believe that our success is our customers’ satisfaction. 

  • From our customers to our stockists, each relationship is unique and of the utmost importance. 

  • Supplying products that address our customers need for healthy, toxin-free, alternative products. 

  • Remain committed to supporting businesses that continue to manufacture products in Australia.  

  • We are passionate about sourcing only the finest, natural and sustainable ingredients and recyclable materials. 

  • Place focus on continuous improvement for our customers and within the industry. 



My Story

Nine years ago, I was involved in an accident that resulted in multiple surgeries and ongoing treatments with no relief. Instead, I had unbearable nerve pain and changes to the function and use of the left side of my body. Unfortunately, several months after this horrendous pain started, I was diagnosed with a serious nervous system disorder called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). As a result, I lost everything I had worked so hard to achieve. My career, independence, friendships and financial freedom.   


Over time, my Chronic Pain Medical team started helping me with non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive options to help with my pain as the other options were more surgery and opioid addiction. Finally, I decided to take charge of my treatment and began researching natural therapies to fight chronic pain. As a result, over several years, I adopted several significant changes to improve my quality of life, reducing my pain levels and focused on surrounding myself with a natural healing environment and came of opioids completely.  


As I began my healing journey and my energy shifted, I started creating 100% natural candles.  


Our senses are such a powerful system, and aromatic therapy can significantly impact our emotional and mental state. When I began crafting our 100% natural candles, I would find myself closing my eyes (while indoors), smelling the clean, fresh air bushwalking in the Blue Mountains, or clearly picturing my childhood on the farm, in the garden or picking the juiciest of fruits on the family orchard. 


I found a healthier way of living through this journey, significantly reduced pain, and found my purpose. 


Nourish the Soul has been committed to using the highest quality natural fragrances available from the very beginning.

We have sourced the globe for premium ingredients and products.  

 We understand the importance of supporting the health and well-being of the Mind, Body, Soul and Earth, which is why you will find our product range to include ethically and sustainably sourced products that are also vegan and free from animal testing.


Nourish the Soul maintains a commitment to not only meet but exceed our environmental responsibilities as a business.  

Our Commitment

to your health


 We believe you will fall in love with the natural ingredients used in our product range that result in a beautiful, more subtle fragrance without potential exposure to certain toxins. 

Our business mission is to meet the demand from consumers who are looking for premium quality, all-natural products.

Our products are handcrafted in Australia, using Australian suppliers who share our business values and strict environmental policies. 


Our Commitment

to the environment

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